Training your mind to constantly improve

I wanted to write a quick post about something that I personally believe could positively change the world we live in.  It's something that each of us can consciously do in our day to day activities.   As we all saunter through life it's always easy to point out the bad things about certain situations.  From bad service at a restaurant to limited features of a product and improvements that could be made to an event - you know the feeling that you get when you get frustrated.  Instead of blowing off steam and complaining about it - have you ever just sat back and openly discussed with a friend how you could make the situation better?  Actually tried to make a difference.

I don't intend to take you on a ride on the 'positive thinking bandwagon', but have you ever actually discussed how you could make the situation better.  I find myself commonly saying to a friend or colleague "what if there was something that...."  or "what if they did this instead."  I often try to reach out to the owner or manager of the product or service to let them know about my idea to help them with the opportunity for improvement that I stumbled upon.

If you really find a great way to improve the product or service write it down - it could be the next big idea that turns into the next big company that is created.  Every company starts by answering the question "what problem does this solve."  Today, I have a list growing now of probably 30 ideas (some very bad, some better than others) that I'll research each to see if there's a viable business opportunity there.  You never know what idea could be the next big IPO or acquisition that you read about on Business Insider.

If you train your mind to work in a way that constantly tries to improve situations, products, services, or anything in life for that matter I feel you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results you see.

Try it out...what's the worst that could happen?