I’ve found that organizing one’s day is task many people need help with.  I know even in my chaotic life I lose sight of my daily goals and objectives on a fairly regular basis.  The principles in the critical six (explained below) can help anyone take the first step towards organizing their day.  I’ve formatted them in four simple steps.  Try it out tonight and see how it works for you.

1.  At the end of each day before the following day, write down the six most important tasks you need to do to achieve your objectives on that next day.

2. Next, put them in order of importance, one being the most important, two being the second most important

3. Starting tomorrow first thing, start on item one.  Do NOT go onto item number two until you have fully completed item #1.

4. If you cannot complete all actions by the end of the day, roll them over to the next day.

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