“I’ve been working for Kevin for several years now with on Deal Current product strategy, sales & marketing strategy and partner – publisher revenue. Kevin is one of the brightest guys I’ve ever met. He is full of energy, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge. He is a rock star and a pleasure to work with. He is the definition of a go-getter who gets things done and makes deals happen.”

Lee Mills, VP of Marketing, MojoPages

“Triton no longer does very many partnerships, but if we had more partners like Kevin Beatty and Deal Current, we’d be much more open to them. Kevin is not only one of the foremost experts in the deal space, he’s a joy to work with. He bends over backward to make even our most demanding customers happy, and he always does it with a smile.

I highly recommend working with him if you are remotely connected to the deal industry, and–although I’m sure his CEO will kill me for writing this–even if you’re not in the Deal industry and are looking for a top level executive who knows how to handle details, clients, and strategy, Kevin is your guy.”

Jim Kerr, VP/Business Strategy, Triton Digital

“Kevin’s work with me, and more specifically helping the Post-Gazette launch a deal program (PGDeals) was top notch! I found Kevin always willing to dig in and help in the multitude of things which needed to happen for this to be a viable business effort. Uniquely, Kevin not only helped in the strategy but the tactical as well. Even down to on the street selling with me and training our sales staff. I find his direct and engaged approach part of what separated him (and therefore Deal Current), from other companies in the space. Kevin is a great business partner.”

Ed KostManager of Revenue Development-Digital Media, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Having worked with Kevin at both The Active Network as well as Deal Current Network, I have seen him excel in many roles.  I have seen Kevin build strategic partnerships and open doors that led to entirely new revenue streams. While his talent for identifying opportunities and developing market strategy make him an undeniable asset for any organization, it’s his absolute commitment to success that defines him.

Not just an “idea man,” he takes the creative process and adds logic, research, and market trends. When he brings something to the table, people don’t just pay attention, they take notes.  He holds himself to a higher standard and challenges those around him to do the same. To put it simply, Kevin has, does, and always will take his work (along with anyone who can hang on) to the next level.”

Andrea Rishmawi, Business Development, Deal Current Network

“Kevin Beatty has an outstanding background in both the Technology and Sports Industry. Kevin has been a great partner to work with in generating interest and opportunities. Kevin is a first class professional executive who has partnered with me in solidifying many new business opportunities for Active Tennis. In addition to his outstanding business skills his positive attitude and outgoing personality makes him a pleasure to work with.”

Bob Shafer, Bus. Dev. Advisor, The Active Network

“Kevin is a skilled account executive. He is a dedicated professional and a great asset to any team.”

Mitch Thrower, CEO, Active Europe Network, Ltd

“Kevin has mastered the art of building relationships with clients. He has a keen understanding of utilizing all components of Social Media to generate those relationships, share information, and help the clients to reach their goals. Kevin is an outstanding team player and a great asset to the Active Tennis Sales department. His mentoring, ideas, and teachings enabled me to understand Social Media and utilize it better for my own networking purposes.”

Richard Neher, Technical Account Manager, The Active Network

“Kevin is innovative, intelligent, and takes great initiative in his role at Active. He is an integral part of the team. He has a keen sense of business strategy and is a master in building client relationships. Kevin is a team player and would be an asset to any company that he chooses to be employed by.”

Patty Lee, Director of Sales, The Active Network

“Kevin is one of the most focused and driven sales reps and managers I have ever met. He has a way with people and a charisma that makes people want to talk to him and work with him. I never seen these skills come together in a person as well as in Kevin making him a top performer in his position and a skill set that will make him succeed anywhere.”

Jimmy Hendricks, CEO/Co-Founder at Lightpost Digital

“Kevin is definitely one of the brightest minds I have had the pleasure to work with. His skills go beyond recruiting, sales and management. He has a keen business sense with the ability to put together complex business deals. He seems to be always on his “A” game. His energy, expertise and positive impact were all very necessary and key components to the growth and success of Access Nurses. I would recommend Kevin to any company looking for a natural leader with broad experience and the drive and intelligence to accomplish any of its aggressive goals.”

PJ LeDorze, Division Manager for Allied Staffing, Access Nurses