San Diego Harbor Sunset

San Diego Harbor Sunset


I moved to San Diego, California in October of 2005 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It was a difficult decision at the time because everything and everyone I knew was in Pennsylvania.  I’ve always been the type of person to take calculated risks and this became just that.   After securing a great job I packed up all of my things into a moving truck and started the venture cross country.  Seven years later I’ve decided to make a similar cross country trip, this time to New York City.  As I reflect back on all of the incredible experiences I’ve encountered as a Californian I thought I would summarize the lessons I’ve adopted while living in the laid back Golden State.

1.  Never forget where you come from

2.  Be grateful for everything that you have

3.  Take as many sunset pictures as you can

4.  Don’t stop smiling

5.  Always live IN the moment (put your phone down)

6.  Align yourself with people you can learn and grow from

7.  Taking a nap on the beach is one of the most relaxing things to do

8.  Find a job close to your home so you eliminate driving each day

9.  Why have a gym membership when you can turn the outdoors into your playground to work out in

10.  Sign up for as many races as you can – go outside of your comfort zone

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