We recently read a great article on the daily deal space on BIA/Kelsey Group blog and Local Onliner. In this article Peter Krasilovsky describes the importance of an opt-in email list, sales channels, promotion, clever copywriting and vendor selection.

One of the most crucial elements of a daily deal program is building a personal brand. Some media publishers in the industry are simply just partnering up with large national daily deal companies like Groupon and Living Social – however these are more times than none affiliate deals. What Gannett’s Republic Media chose to do was build their own branded daily deal program called Deal Chicken. The VP of Digital Media, Mike Coleman says “And we thought it was extremely important to come up with a very memorable brand, especially in light of the many, many similar sites competing for consumer attention. We don’t think ‘PhoenixDeals.com’ would cut through the clutter.”

Why Media Companies Should Build Their Own Branded Daily Deal Program?

Media companies are familiar with leveraging affiliate relationships. Most media publishers do this with their news that they’re publishing. Posting breaking news from the Associated Press is a prime example of this. What if those AP articles brought you incredible traffic, user engagement, and large amounts of reoccurring revenue? Media companies probably would seek their own form of achieve the above for-mentioned benefits instead of powering the AP brand.

All media publisher should look at the idea of creating a daily deal program as an extension of their existing brand. From the color scheme to the name, they should ‘own’ the brand vs. pouring revenue back into the pockets of national daily deal sites that are resistant to the thought of working with a partner to build THEIR band. We’ve been building media partner’s brand for over 3 years now and boast clients such as Time Warner, Warner Bros. Records, Entercom Communications Corp., Oakland Raiders, ABC Television, Journal Broadcast Group, and many more.

How Successful is Deal Chicken?

Daily deal programs are still sales programs. If nobody are purchasing deals – no revenue is being generated. Although the VP of Digital Media (Mike Coleman) says its the easiest program out of their 30 products– today’s deal has only sold 3 deals. With 30,000 emails, over 2,000 fans on Facebook, and a website that reaches 273,000 users daily – I would say it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s important for media companies to work with proven industry experts, such as Deal Current.

Value of Working for Deal Current

Working with Deal Current is a like working with a seasoned expert advisory staff, who will guide and assist our partners towards launching successful daily deal programs.

In addition to the software, we give our partners a full marketing, sales, and operational plan to ensure they run a profitable daily deal program.

Clients choose us because we provide:

  • A robust technology platform
  • A 20 page sales manual
  • 5-7 hours of upfront sales training
  • A marketing plan and advertising kit
  • Operational guidelines
  • Daily merchant payments & support
  • Customer support
  • Robust affiliate tracking

Check out more of the features here.

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