The Evolution of Foursquare and Why You Should Care

evolution of foursquare

Friends, colleagues, and twitter followers hear me daily boast about the different mobile apps I use on a regular basis that I’m excited about.  Mobile technologies and applications are growing at exponential rates making it easier to interact, shop, search, discover, play, research, read, and the list goes on and […]

NYC Startup Can Help You “Stay Hungry…Stay Foolish”

  In light of recent events, I’ve been thinking constantly about my goals, life ambitions, accomplishments I will achieve, companies I will help build and the stories I’ll tell to my children and grandchildren.  I think about what drives and motivates me on a regular basis, and evaluate if my […]

6 Daily Deal Predictions for 2012


Daily deals, local offers, coupons, gift certificates, check-in specials,  and the list goes on for ages.  Who would have thought that the discount landscape would look like it does today?  In 2010 there was 3.3 billion traditional coupons clipped and redeemed.  This doesn’t take into account for the multi-billion dollar […]

Acquisition trends with Daily Deal sites

One thing that cannot be ignored however is the fact that digital media is changing the way consumers shop online. It’s easier to get a great deal or discount now than it ever has been – mainly due to group buying sites. The common thread you will see in these acquisitions are, in most part, a strategic play for market share by the purchase of group buying email lists and existing consumer data.

Will Apple squash Square?

You may have read my previous blog posts about the upcoming success of Twitter creator and co-founder Jack Dorsey’s new project called Square.  Well, I’m afraid they might be up against one of the most dominating technology forces out there: Apple. Square allows anyone with a mobile phone to read […]

5 Reasons why real-time social networks are changing business for you and me

Real time social networks like FourSquare, Yelp, Twitter, and Facebook are certainly changing things professionally for me on a daily basis.  One thing that I’ve noticed though is that smaller businesses are learning to adapt and exploit the incredible benefits of real time social networks. Almost daily I’m reminded of […]

Pimp your blog or website with REAL TIME features!

I’m sure you’re like me and beginning to get a little overwhelmed by every Tom, Dick, or Harry creating little social media widgets found on websites and blogs.  It seems like most of the websites and blogs I read on a regular basis are cluttered with random gimmicky social media […]

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