“A Hop, Skip and Jump away from Success” by Kevin Beatty

As I look back on my life, there are several critical lessons that really have defined who I am today.  Some of these life defining lessons are a direct result of learning from my mistakes. The professional mentors and business leaders in my life are key components to who I […]

If you build it… fans will come! A musician’s guide to the Digital World by Kevin Beatty

Being a digital media Rockstar is almost as important as being a social media expert.  In this digital world, musician's are learning like every other industry, on how to capitalize on the social web (sometimes the hard way). As you can tell by now, I'm fascinated by how the social […]

A Triathlon Training Weekend in Warner Springs by Kevin Beatty

I'm just gaining composure from an extremely rewarding weekend at Warner Springs Ranch, Warner Springs, CA.  Below is the breakdown of our training weekend.  Triathlon training is a crazy addiction to have, but when everything is said and done – you feel like a million bucks!!!  More pictures to follow… […]

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