Lately I’ve been thinking in an entirely different mindset when it comes to business, friendships, life, love, whatever – and so I figured I’d write a bit about this experience.  As anyone that probably knows me, I’m a work horse and tend to spend too much time in the office as it is.  I really enjoy what I do, but most importantly I love the fact that I can honestly look back over the past year and say “wow, I grew a ton as a person.”  I’m big into bucket lists and setting goals for myself but one conscious decision I made last year has made a dramatic impact that I’d like to share.  I made the decision that I was always going to live in the moment, stay consistently positive, expect the unexpected, and live limitlessly.

From taking a leap of faith and leaving a phenomenal company ( to startup our own technology company to where we’re at today – it really wouldn’t have been possible had I not taken the aforementioned  course of action.  I say that because it’s important to either surround yourself with great people that can bring out your best or you need to be able to bring out your own best on a daily basis.  Too many times we focus on what’s not working or what we don’t have in life.  There’s obviously no clear benefit to that mindset, and if anything it can set you back with any progress you’ve recently made.  So raise your glass and toast to finishing out the year strong, improving as a person daily, and never accepting mediocrity.




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